Outdoor Deck Features

Top-Tier Outdoor Deck Features in the East Bay Area, CA

Creating your ideal outdoor living space involves much more than just adding a deck to your home. While this works perfectly as a base on which to grow, our licensed and insured contractors help you realize the full potential of your deck ideas. When considering outdoor deck features in the East Bay Area, CA, our team helps you choose the best railing, lighting, and built-in furniture options to enjoy every moment on your deck.

Deck Railing Installation in the East Bay Area, CA

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Deck railings come in a variety of materials and colors, allowing you to add a safety feature to your deck that also matches your ideal aesthetic. With such beautiful views in the California area, one of the most popular types of railings includes glass railings. These see-through railings protect people and pets from falling off the deck without hindering the scenery.

If glass railings fall outside of your budget, you could choose cable railing, a type of railing that uses cables to allow you a better view while still protecting visitors. While the cables stay visible, they leave space between their horizontal lines to provide you with a clean, clear view. If neither of these types sounds good, you can also opt for metal, vinyl, or wood deck railings. 

Choose from thick or thin posts, solid railings, or decorative scrollwork, whichever type best matches your style and looks best with your deck flooring. Railings run along the edges of your deck and down deck stairs to extend safety all the way to the ground, providing safety no matter what type of material or look you choose.

Whichever type of railing you decide on, our experts at Contra Costa Decks will happily help design your ideal deck and install the railing you choose.

Deck Lighting Installation in the East Bay Area, CA

Seamlessly blending safety with aesthetics, deck lighting enables you to enjoy your deck at any time while helping friends, family, and pets see where they’re going. Strategic lighting can illuminate your entire deck without taking up a lot of space or interrupting the use of your deck. Among the many outdoor deck features in the East Bay Area, CA, deck lighting comes in various forms and shapes so you can create a perfectly lit outdoor living area.

You can place your deck lighting on top of railing posts, run them beneath the top rail of your railing, or even tuck them in the back panel of steps to help people navigate stairs safely. Floor lights work great placed around the outer bounds of your deck, while you can also place lights along the wall against which your deck attaches. If you choose to have a deck covering installed, our team can even install lighting along the inside of your deck covering, even though we don’t install those ourselves.

Since these lights typically have a design intended to withstand the outdoors, the majority of deck lights run off of solar power. Our installers know how to install your lighting and the attached solar receiver in such a way that lets you enjoy the lights without actually seeing the solar panel. With Contra Costa Decks, you can trust that our team of construction experts know how to properly install your deck lighting so you can maximize the enjoyment of your new outdoor living space.

Built-In Deck Furniture in the East Bay Area, CA

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Installing built-in deck features such as benches and planters allows you to set up your deck in your ideal way to maximize its effectiveness as a space for entertaining and relaxing. At Contra Costa Decks, we help you design your custom deck and work with you to find the best placement for built-in furniture before building your deck.

Besides the convenience of built-in deck features, you won’t have to spend extra money on extra outdoor seating or planters. Building these features into your deck takes up permanent space so you can maintain the deck of your dreams.

Create the Deck of Your Dreams Today With Contra Costa Decks

When considering the best options for deck decorating in the East Bay Area, CA, you can choose from various railings, lighting types and built-in deck furniture. Our team works with clients to produce custom deck designs to perfectly fit their lifestyles, allowing any homeowner to create a cool deck that everyone wants to hang out on. When you’re ready to build a deck for entertaining, relaxing, or a little bit of both, call Contra Costa Decks at (925) 431-6420 to learn about the best outdoor deck features in the East Bay Area, CA.