The East Bay has some of the best outdoor views and weather with a temperate Mediterranean climate. The bay helps cool the air, and the East Bay hills keep us from getting too cold. Take the time to experience California’s perfect weather on your very own custom-built porch.

The porch of your dreams is just a call away with our licensed and trained porch builders in Eastern Bay Area, CA. At Contra Costa Decks, we take your goals and needs into account while providing top-quality construction services. Call (925) 744-9313 to learn how you can start spending time outdoors in style!

Decks vs. Porches: What’s the Difference?

deck vs porches

While they may appear to have the same functions, decks and porches are different types of outdoor additions:

  • Decks: We can build off-ground decks to fit at the front, side, or back of your home. A deck can also surround your house or work as a freestanding structure. Decks usually range from a few inches off the ground to one or more stories tall, requiring a staircase.
  • Porches: A porch attaches to the house, often sharing the roof rather than being a separate addition. We can build these open-air or with screen or glass enclosures. While many porches elevate off the ground like decks, we can build others level to the ground.

As trusted porch builders in Eastern Bay Area, CA, we build custom decks and porches to suit any home. Whether you want a redwood porch to relax and enjoy the sweeping Easy Bay hills or a waterproof TimberTech composite porch to complement your spa, we can build what you need. We use earthquake-safe tiebacks, high-end brackets, and Simpson fasteners, so you know your new porch will stand the test of time. 

Your new porch even increases your property value, so you’ll enjoy a return on investment whenever you sell your home.

Feel free to call Contra Costa Decks to discuss your vision for your porch.

Beautiful Custom Porches for Your Property

Contra Costa Deck Siding house sample

We can build a custom porch that suits your aesthetics and priorities, from privacy to shading or whatever you have in mind. Regardless of the design, we always ensure your porch adds to your home’s curb appeal and comfort. Popular porch styles we build for our California clients include:

Open Porches

Despite being called an open porch, this type still has a covering overhead — bu no walls for an open design. Many homeowners have open porches with pillars or columns that hold up the roof. With this, you can have unrestricted airflow from the sides without exposure to rain or too much sunlight.

As porch builders in Eastern Bay Area, CA, we can customize your open porch. For example, we can build in amenities you wouldn’t be able to on a deck because of the protective roofing. The overhead cover plus access to electricity means you could set up a fan, outdoor kitchen, or backyard television.

Screened Porches

Screened porches give you more weather and pest protection, keeping out unwanted insects and buffering any sideways rain. You can use various types of screens as well. Wider mesh can allow for more airflow, while thicker, darker mesh can protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

Our expert team can explain all of your screen options to you during the consultation. You can rely on us to have all of the details you need to make the best decision for your custom porch.

Multi-Season Porches

Multi-season porches, sometimes known as sunrooms, essentially add another room to your home. This process takes more construction work but creates a comfortable, protected space. However, unlike full sunrooms, we use vinyl windows where screens usually go.

With additional accommodations, like a fireplace or a mini-split heat pump, you could use your multi-season space year-round.

We Use Only the Best Materials to Build Your Porch

Our Contra Costa Decks team only uses high-quality materials when we build custom porches in the Bay Area. Our specialized licensing allows us to use manufactured products that only certain builders can access. 

We can build your porch to perfection with TimberTech AZEK or Trex. These composite materials don’t cause splinters, last longer, and are easier to maintain. The recycled materials keep their color and resist sun bleaching better than wood.

However, we also work with stone, wood, and other building materials. You can discuss your idea of the perfect porch with us, and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations.

Transform Your East Bay Home with a Custom Porch by Contra Costa Decks

Our team has over 10 years of experience perfecting our craft. We offer specialty warranties on labor in addition to a 50-year manufacturer warranty on AZEK products, reducing the chance of expensive repairs and replacements. Call our porch builders in Eastern Bay Area, CA, at (925) 744-9313 for a free design consultation today!