Warranties & Guarantee

At Contra Costa Decks, we strive to provide top-quality deck construction by using the best products possible and ensuring our customers have access to warranties and guarantees. When we build a deck for our neighbors in California, we know that you want it to provide you and your family with a space for entertainment and relaxation for years, if not decades. We ensure that between our building materials and professional construction that you get the most trustworthy service possible and a long-lasting structure with high durability.

Decking Warranty

When you invest in a new deck, we reciprocate by offering you the best material possible for your outdoor living space: TimberTech. As a TimberTech Pro Platinum contractor, our composite deck boards come in various colors, textures, and grains while providing a strong, durable floor that can last for decades. These boards come with a 25 to 50-year material warranty that guarantees the boards will remain free of splintering, splitting, rotting, stains, or other structural problems.

composite deck railing in East Bay Area
deck with built-in benches

Labor Warranty

TimberTech also provides a five to 10-year labor warranty to protect deck owners against poor decking material usage during installation. Some defective boards take time to come to light, but if and when you notice a problem with bowing, splintering, or rotting, you can trust in TimberTech’s labor warranty to cover labor costs. 

How to Make the Most of Your Warranties

Read your warranties carefully and understand what does and doesn’t count under the umbrella and what to do if you believe you have a warranty claim. An important consideration regarding your warranty consists of understanding what the warranty won’t cover. For example, extreme weather like hurricanes, long-term exposure to extreme heat, and improper storage or product handling won’t fall under the warranty.

You can ensure that you maintain your TimberTech warranties and guarantee by performing regular maintenance and only working with licensed installers, such as our contractors.